Work Life Balance

We want you to be able to reconcile your job and your personal life as well as possible. That is why we are offering telecommuting opportunities, part-time work and sabbaticals. We are subsidising child care costs of preschoolers.






We are delighted that you want to continue developing and are offering many workshops, seminars and training programs to assist you. We hope that you will decide to attend trade conferences and represent our company at them. You can take advantage of our internal Innovation Days to win over colleagues for your ideas and projects and to implement them.






You will only be able to improve our products if you are familiar with them. That is why you, as one of our employees, will receive discounted travel and rental cars. To ensure that you will get to work without hassle, we are subsidising your public transportation ticket in Munich.





Food & drink

And because happy employees are good employees, we are subsidising your visit to the cafeteria in Munich and organise lunches and breakfasts at our other locations. Fresh fruit will always be available to you and coffee, tea and water are obviously also offered free of charge.






Mutual trust and a strong team are important to us and that's why we are promoting this cohesiveness with team events as well as our annual Summer Summit, which brings together employees from all locations.






We would be delighted if you decided to actively take charge and if you go all out for your team. And that's why we reward outstanding performances with coupons and bonuses and also give you the opportunity to recommend colleagues for these incentives.