Outcome of the value: We take more and more good decisions. We learn and increase the general quality of our decisions over time.Outcome of the value: We’re not talking around the bush. We pursue the correct path, not the path of the least resistance.Outcome of the value: We react agile to new challenges and take up diverse opinions. We leverage the knowledge and experience of our colleagues. We act more long-term, embrace change and look towards the future with optimism.Outcome of the value: We’re a real team of teams. We have fun together and help each other to be successful.Outcome of the value: We have a culture that fosters open exchanges, providing feedback and not being afraid of making mistakes. We can count on each other. Without hesitation, we will also discuss the things we talk about in the coffee kitchen with our colleagues and managers. You can be authentic because we celebrate that we are all different.Outcome of the value: We improve each day and keep raising our standards. That allows us to succeed in a world that changes at an ever-increasing pace. We grow with the company.Outcome of the value: Regardless of which role or job level: we are a team of owners and a team of leaders. Everybody is responsible for the company.Outcome of the value: We have a deep understanding of our area of expertise. Decisions are well thought out. Progress and proposals are quantified.Outcome of the value:  You are happy when you go to work, and you provide high-quality contributions. Others like working with you.Outcome of the value: We deliver noticeable, measurable improvements for Urlaubers.