Content & Customer Care

What are the challenges?

We offer our customers authentic and informative reviews of hotels, restaurants, sights and other leisure activities. We put a lot of emphasis on quality and check our reviews meticulously, both manually and with an elaborate algorithm. We take attempts to fake reviews very seriously. We therefore flag hotels which attempt to manipulate reviews on our website and help our customers with as much transparency as possible. Authentic hotel reviews are the heart of our platform. We are cooperating with interesting partners like Miles & More to incentivise our customers to write new reviews. Partnership Management is also responsible for a network of over 100 partners across the tourism industry, which is strengthened constantly.

What knowledge and skills are important?

An eye for detail and solid technical understanding are very important, as is a precise and customer-focused way of working. Basic knowledge of tourism, an analytical way of thinking and good communication skills in both German and English are important. We also expect you to be open-minded, committed and ready to learn new skills. You need a deep understanding of the tourism industry, good negotiation skills and excellent communication skills. As a representative of HolidayCheck on the market, networking skills and social intelligence are just as important as enthusiasm, reliability and trustworthiness. Nicolas Mutter, Teamlead Quality Assurance Manager Reviews Florian Schneider, Manager Content Partnerships