Operational Excellence

What are the challenges?

Employees are often seen as the most important source of success in a company. Hence our biggest challenge in internal communication is the constant improvement of our communication processes. Involved employees who identify with the firm are more motivated, more efficient and create a positive image of the company. We use various tools like company meetings or internal newsletter to communicate with our employees and pass on information consistently. Moreover we make sure that there’s plenty of variety in day-to-day life at work with legendary summer parties or cosy Christmas celebrations.

What knowledge and skills are important?

Internal communication has a variety of responsibilities: it enables open and transparent communication through management of the community, knowledge and innovation, as well as technological advice. Open-mindedness, creativity, willingness to listen to employees and a permanent presence are essential. You need to be brave and patient in order to try out new things. You should have an affinity with technology and a feel for marketing. Moreover, you need to be organised for company meetings and events. Nicole Stolze, Specialist Internal Communication