Product Development, UX & Design

What are the challenges?

In the Product Development team, we are close to our customers and responsible for improving HolidayCheck’s services day by day. To do that, we have to be really familiar with the company’s objectives and strategies and translate them into user-focused measures in the best possible way. The greatest challenge in product development is taking all the different factors into account and creating the ideal user experience as a result. In practice, that means we ask our users to test new developments while they are still being devised and incorporate their feedback into the subsequent development stages. However, we also keep a watchful eye on user behaviour in relation to our existing products so that we can review and improve our offering every day.

What knowledge and skills are important?

To work with us, you need to think analytically and strategically, but you also need to be creative. Being well organised is important too as it enables you to stay on top of things despite all the different units involved in delivering the user experience. If you want to work in this creative field, you must not be unsettled by the wealth of different viewpoints either: you need to keep the ultimate goal in sight and work towards it in a solution-based way. Frank Nägele, Senior User Experience Designer