Students & education

We regularly offer internships in all our divisions at HolidayCheck. We have set ourselves the aim of integrating our interns into the various teams’ day-to-day work as well as possible and helping them to develop personally and professionally by giving them interesting jobs and a degree of responsibility. This is why we ask HolidayCheck interns to commit for a minimum of six months.

What are the challenges?

I work in the International department and help the Content Translations team to translate hotel reviews. Normally, we translate from German into the languages spoken in the new HolidayCheck markets (English, French, Spanish and more). I can help HolidayCheck to offer better content in multiple languages. At day-to-day level, I am given new packages of tasks every two weeks and I have lots of flexibility in the way I actually do my work.

What knowledge and skills are important?

In my specific area, very good language skills are important, of course – not least because people from around the world work in my department. Because of the flexible approach to time management, you should be able to organise yourself and your work well and be willing to accept responsibility. Last but not least, a good dose of humour is definitely important: you might be surprised to hear that translations can be very entertaining! Rosie Robson, Marketing intern in the Event and Sponsoring team