HolidayCheck Group AG (ISIN DE0005495329), Munich, is a leading European digital company for holidaymakers. Employing around 300 personnel, the company brings together under one roof HolidayCheck AG (operator of the hotel rating and travel booking portals of the same name), HC Touristik GmbH (operating company of the tour operator HolidayCheck Reisen) and  Driveboo AG (operator of the rental car portal MietwagenCheck/DACH and Driveboo/international).

The Management Board of the company comprises Dr Marc Al-Hames (CEO) and Markus Scheuermann (CFO). Burda Digital SE is the majority shareholder in HolidayCheck Group AG. The company was formed following a decision by the Internet group TOMORROW FOCUS AG to focus on the travel sector and consequent disposal in 2015 of all its business models not associated with the travel segment. TOMORROW FOCUS AG changed its name to HolidayCheck Group AG in 2016.

*Urlauber [uːɐlaʊbɐ] is the German term for holidaymaker, vacationer


Corporate form Joint-stock corporation
ISIN DE0005495329
IPO 2000
Sectors Internet, Travel
Company headquarters Munich, Germany (headquarters) and additional locations
Management Board Dr Marc Al-Hames, Chief Executive Officer
Markus Scheuermann, Chief Financial Officer
Employees ~ 300
Turnover EUR 143.7 million (2019)