Finanzen100 officially launched, Germany's newest finance portal for professionals by professionals, will be officially launched on 16th November after successful beta testing. The aim was to provide the perfect tool for anyone seriously dealing with financial matters. was tested extensively by thousands of users during the beta phase. Their feedback was used to inform the development of this innovative site. One particularly pleasing result: by the end of the two-month test phase had already achieved a significantly higher reach than planned. More than 200,000 visits per month were recorded - a strong upward trend.

Users can easily search for securities and information using the new portal. analyses more than 12,500 global financial sources every minute. This produces a unique overview of finance and business information - supplied by newspapers, forums, blogs, company websites and specialised databases.

"Germany needs a financial search engine that doesn't just provide the bare facts and figures but also offers the relevant background and context. Investors and financial advisers can then make much better decisions," said Oliver Eckert, CEO of Finanzen100 GmbH.

The search options on are unique. The search engine thinks in economic contexts and presents tens of thousands of dossiers on securities, companies, indices, topics, managers and politicians. This allows the user to extract information from the market which they would otherwise have taken a long time to find - or would never have found.

"We are particularly proud of the simple handling process which was perfected over many months by a number of experts working together with our testers," said Eckert. "From interactive rate charts to innovative portfolios, literally puts the finance world at your feet."

The idea for the new portal came from Stephan Schubert, who holds a consultancy role in the company. The co-founder of OnVista and former CTO of IS.Teledata (now IDMS) has demonstrated his proven expertise in developing finance portals. will expand its portal step by step over the coming months to include other sectors and innovative tools.

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