TOMORROW FOCUS AG completes takeover of Finanzen100 GmbH

Munich, Germany, 8 February 2011 –TOMORROW FOCUS AG has acquired the remaining 40 percent of Finanzen100 GmbH from former shareholders StS GmbH, Inobas GmbH and Gereon Steffens in a deal worth EUR 1 million that includes the repayment of shareholder loans. The purchase takes retroactive effect from 10 November 2010.

Finanzen100 GmbH operates the finance and stock market portal Since its launch over a year ago, the portal has grown to attract over 1.6 million visits and around 0.3 million unique users (internet facts 2010-III of AGOF, Working Group for Online Media Research), making it one of the six biggest finance and stock market portal portals in Germany in terms of unique users.

As a result of the deal, TOMORROW FOCUS AG now holds 100 percent of the shares in Finanzen100 GmbH.

In addition to his new role as Managing Director at TOMORROW FOCUS Media GmbH, Oliver Eckert will continue as Managing Director of Finanzen100 GmbH.

Stephan Schubert, Managing Director at StS GmbH and a co-founder of OnVista, will remain with the company in an advisory capacity. In future he will also act as a consultant to TOMORROW FOCUS Media GmbH, which combines the activities of the digital marketing services provider TOMORROW FOCUS Media and the news portal FOCUS Online.

Commenting on the purchase, Stefan Winners, Chief Executive Officer at TOMORROW FOCUS AG, noted that “Finanzen100 has made tremendous progress in recent months and continues to report strong growth. This success is primarily due to the outstanding leadership of the company’s Managing Director Oliver Eckert and, of course, to the original concept devised by Stephan Schubert. We are delighted to be keeping both - Oliver as Managing Director with a flair for establishing new web portals and Stephan in an advisory role with his excellent knowledge of the industry. Together we aim to make Finanzen100 one of the top three finance and stock market portals in Germany within a short period."