Our application process: How to start your journey at HolidayCheck

You have found an exciting job in our job overview or you have become aware of one of our job advertisements and would like to apply? Here you can find information how our application process usually works.

1 Prepare your travel documents

You upload a cover letter about your motivation, your CV as well as your education and work references in our job portal. We look at your previous adventures and give feedback.

2 We roll onto the runway

At this step you have the opportunity to show your skills. If relevant to the position, we will send you a case study or for tech positions a coding test. You will receive feedback on your results in a timely manner.

3 We get to know each other

You are interested in working at HolidayCheck and we would like to have you in our team. Then it is time to get to know each other personally. In a first interview with your future manager, you will get an insight into working at HolidayCheck and we want to find out everything about your motivation, expectations and skills. For certain positions, you'll talk to your future teammates in a second interview about your passion and about your previously solved case study or coding test.

4 Meet the crew

We start the final round. Your anticipation and ours is high and we are just one step away from working together to pursue our vision of making vacations better. So it's time to meet the crew. In this round, you'll talk to colleagues from a wide range of departments at HolidayCheck about our corporate culture, our values and further development.

5 Welcome aboard

Everyone involved in the hiring process is convinced that you are a perfect fit for our team and for HolidayCheck. You are exactly the person we were looking for and we are happy to make you an offer.

For more information on the application process for our engineering teams, please visit our tech blog: https://techblog.holidaycheck.com/post/2022/02/02/hiring